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Dahlias: Label Rouge to better choose them

Dahlias: Label Rouge to better choose them

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Profusion of shapes and colors, dahlias come in a multitude of varieties. To choose the most beautiful and the most resistant, a label has been created.

How do you choose the best varieties of a plant that has thousands of them?

It is to answer this question from many gardeners that the "Excellence Végétale" association has decided to set up a Red Label rewarding superior quality plants.

The dahlias were the first to win it in 2010, they will be followed this year by roses and Christmas trees.

Dahlia red label

A hundred varieties of dahlias, from different brands or producers, are entitled to bear the precious label, recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Chosen by a jury of experts made up of members of communities, specialist journalists and amateur gardeners, it is about quality bulbs, bigger because they are cultivated and sorted by hand, which result in plants that are more resistant to diseases and more flowering.

Dahlia, instructions for use

Native to Mexico, dahlias offer varied and colorful flowers that last until the first frost. We distinguish the simple dahlias, with a heart surrounded by petals, like a daisy, decorative dahlias, lace and cactus, with large flowers in the sun. The pom pom dahlias have petals rolled into tubes that give them the appearance of a honeycomb ball. The dwarf dahlias are suitable for container culture.

The bulbs are planted in April-May, at a depth of ten centimeters. If spring is wet, protect your young shoots from the slugs and snails that love them: surround them with ash or beer traps.

In summer, water them in moderation and avoid wetting their leaves. Remove faded flowers as you go to encourage the growth of new flowers. If you want large flowers, cut off the side shoots of the plant (except on pom pom dahlias).

On All Saints' Day, after the first frosts, dig up the bulbs of your dahlias. Allow them to dry before storing them in a cool, dry place where they will wait until they are planted the following spring. Now is the time to replace them with spring bulbs for a garden in bloom from the first sunny days.

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