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Last name : Celtis australis
Family : Ulmaceae
Type : Tree

: 8 to 18 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Ordinary, well drained

: Obsolete
Flowering : March to April

Planting hackberry

Preferably in spring and fall or in winter outside of frost.
Follow our advice tree planting

Hackberry size

No size is essential

Comments on the hackberry tree

The hackberry of Provence is a very beautiful Mediterranean tree which, on the other hand, has some difficulties to develop in regions with harsh winters.
It offers a very beautiful light green foliage then dark over the years, and its flowering remains discreet.

Rather, you will install it in isolation, but it can also be planted in alignment to define a wide driveway.

Smart tip about hackberry

It adapts very well to urban conditions as shown in the photo above.

Video: HACKberry setup (July 2022).


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